Readings, All in One Place

Here is a page with all of the readings in case you or your loved ones want to listen all the way through. I am listing them here by Location as they were revealed in the introductory volume, Chasing the Moon and the Morning Star.

The introductory book

Chasing the Moon and the Morning Star

Location 1

Chasing Sounds Under Antarctic Plains

Location 3

Chasing the Dragon Over the Wall

Location 4

Chasing Long Necks Across the Savanna

Location 5

Chasing Dawn and the Sands of Time

Location 6

Chasing Jupiter and Beyond

Location 7

Chasing the Magic of Andean Skies

Location 8

Chasing the Clever Lizard’s Tail

Location 9

Chasing Dusty Across the Divide

Location 10

Chasing the Ebb & Flow of the Tide