About illustration including tmsr
Why here; why now
Origin Story

Two+ decades ago, I started my own business in web and graphic design, tmsr Design Delivery, and I love what I do in that space for my clients. I say that I bring ACTION to their vision, and that, I do.

But the children’s books I’ve been writing grew out of a passion for my grandchildren, a lifelong draw to watercolor, and a deep-down desire to just make people happy, even for a little while. I call it, “Spreading pixie dust.”

I started the series in a scary Moment in Time in our world (the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020–2021). This seemed to give me the need to get this creative endeavor “out of my head,” perhaps as a distraction to what was happening elsewhere?

I throw it to the wind to spread a little pixie dust, and see where it lands.

For the joy it might bring,