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Chasing Sounds Under Antarctic Plains

Join Izzy and Penni,
penguin friends from the plains,
who hear sounds from below.
Who is calling their names?

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You can listen to the reading of this book.

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Let’s Play!

Learn about crazy-but-true brinicles.
Watch them in time-lapse as they grow under the Antarctic Plains!
Download the activities found at the back of the book.

Watch the crazy Brinicle that inspired my story!

Here is a great, short, well-explained video showing this crazy Brinicle in motion.
(Parents, there is a “bad” word (he__) at the very start, so you can skip the first two seconds! He really does a great job at a kid’s level, I think!)

Ice finger of death beneath the Antarctic ice” has a nice, short explanation that has the following video embedded:

Scientific American’s, “How Eerie Sea-Ice “Brinicles” Form,” had the full-length video I first saw. It isn’t on this otherwise informative page anymore, but here it is on YouTube:

Now let’s have some fun with a jigsaw puzzle of the book’s cover.

The grid icon in the center of the puzzle lets you change how many pieces there are. Hit the OK to start the play.

And now for a memory game – match up the friends with the name of the sea creature!

Research for the Book


More, taken from studying this Wikipedia article:
Thwaites Ice Shelf
Antarctica’s ice shelves are melting at an alarming rate—erasing habitat, and life forms, that may not exist anywhere else.

A Squid at Thwaites Ice Shelf | Atlas Obscura

Anemones Under The Ice | Atlas Obscura

See An Arrow-Worm Swim | Atlas Obscura

Exploring Antarctica’s Upside-Down World

Play and Learn with all of our resources.
Download the activities found at the end of the book.