Let’s Play and Learn

Chasing the Clever Lizard’s Tail

What adventures await you
as you Chase to the end
with this red-eyed tree frog
and his Clever Lizard friend?

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You can listen to the reading of this book.

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Let’s Play!

Learn about the jungles of Costa Rica.
The adventure in the book was only the beginning of what you’ll find there!
Download the activities found at the back of the book.

Watch the Clever Lizard that inspired my story!

Here is a great video for Meeting the Anoles!

Here is a great video showing this clever river anole as a Deep Sea Diver!

Do you know the difference between an alligator and a caiman like our Kalyn?

Caimans vs. Alligators

Caimans are very similar to alligators, and there are only small differences between them. Caimans have more pointed snouts (noses), and longer, sharper teeth than alligators. Although the biggest species of caiman (the black caiman) is bigger than any alligator, most caimans are smaller. Learn more here.

Meet more of the Reptiles of Costa Rica: Life in the Lowlands!

Do you know how to play Where’s Waldo?

In this game, find each of our friends by pressing on the image where you think they are hiding.
Make sure you find them all: Rudy, Dánte, Kathryn & Juliana, DeeDee, Kalyn, and even the Clever Tail itself!

Now let’s have some fun with a jigsaw puzzle of the book’s cover.

The grid icon in the center of the puzzle lets you change how many pieces there are. Hit the OK to start the play.

And now for a memory game – match up our Costa Rican friends with their names!

Play and Learn with all of our resources.
Download the activities found at the end of the book.