A Happy Experience for us both

We love to do what we do for people, to bring a smile to their face. So we’ve crafted this experience to make it great for us both.

Get Ready
Contact Us

We’ll connect, and we’ll send you a Dropbox folder link for you to upload your image(s) (no Dropbox account required).

Get Set
Upload your images for approval

We’ll make sure the content and image resolution can work for your desired PhotoBuddy.

Get Happy!
Pay and receive

We’ll provide a link for you to make your payment. Then we’ll create your PhotoBuddy!


The Details

The Process

  1. You fill out a form for Pre-ordering.
  2. We create a Dropbox shared folder and email you the link. You are not required to have a Dropbox account.
  3. You send photos. We screen for the content and quality of the images.
  4. If approved, you pay. We will send a link to the payment page.
  5. We create your buddy game(s) and/or watercolor buddy(ies).
  6. You receive your order, depending on your purchase(s):
  • For Buddy Games, we send you the link to your webpage on the tmsrphotobuddies.com website. It will be hosted for one year.
  • For Watercolor Buddies, we send you press-quality jpg and PDF files, 7″ x 7″ at 300 dpi, via your Dropbox folder.


Memory Games: $100 ea. (6 images max per game), Image Sliders: $50 ea. (2 images), and Watercolor Buddies: $100 ea.
Interested in a custom Watercolor Buddy? ~ Contact us for pricing.

Image Content Guidelines

We want tmsr PhotoBuddies to be a safe place for inspiration, expression, and sharing Happy. Since we are the ones to screen your content before it would be posted, we are protecting our Safe Space here. Send us only your own photos and always follow the law. Do not send inappropriate content such as nudity or images of abuse. You must review our Appropriate Content & Policies information and agree to it in order for us to create a tmsr PhotoBuddies Memory Game, Image Slider, or Watercolor Buddy,

Your Buddy Game on Our Public Website

Please note that if you purchase a Buddy Game, your webpage will be Public (so it “could” be found by Google), but it will not be found through a link anywhere on this website. That is why we do not use your name or your company’s / organization’s name on your personalized page(s). We provide you the link to share at will.