Let’s Chase Jupiter and Beyond Some More!

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How about a jigsaw puzzle of the book’s cover?

The grid icon in the center of the puzzle lets you change how many pieces there are. Hit the OK to start the play.

Did you know?

The solar system is made up of:

  • a star (the sun),
  • planets (e.g., Jupiter and Earth),
  • satellites (e.g., the moon),
  • dwarf planets (e.g., Ceres and Pluto), and
  • small solar system bodies (e.g., asteroids and comets).

– Kidzone – PLANETS

Now let’s play a few more games with our Space Friends!

Drag the name of the character over their picture.

Drag the words game

References Used in Our Book

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10 Surprises About Our Solar System

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Materials for Educators: PLANETS

For teachers and OST educators, check out PLANETS for resources, videos, and more!

Play and Learn with all of our resources.

Pages of Fun:
1 | 2 | 3